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Friday, March 8, 2013

Wayne Bengston fatally shot Gregory G. Rodriguez (Biography, Photo)

Wayne Bengston fatally shot Gregory G. Rodriguez (Biography, Photo)

Who is Wayne Bengston? He was the man from Northwestern Montana who fatally shot or killed the TV host named Gregory G. Rodriguez. A very sad incident that took place on Friday, March 8, 2013.

Wayne Bengston is 41 years old, he shot himself or commits suicide after killing the tv host. According to reports Mr. Bengston killed Mr. Rodriguez because of jealousy.

Gregory G. Rodriguez was the victim, he was 43 years from Sugar Land, Texas. He was a TV host in Sportsman Channel show "A Rifleman's Journal". The police report says that the victim was having some business in Whitefish where he also visited the wife of Mr. Bengston (the shooter) in the house of her mother but Bengston also went on the place and from there the shooting occurred.

Photo of the gunman Wayne Bengston released by Whitefish Police.

Photo of the victim Gregory G. Rodriguez released by Whitefish Police.