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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Joseph Corlett Student Behind Hot For Teacher Lawsuit, Biography on Search.

Joseph Corlett Student Behind Hot For Teacher Lawsuit, Biography on Search.

Who is Joseph Corlett? He is the student who got suspended for writing an Essay or Journal entitled “Hot For Teacher” based on the title of the song of rock band Van Halen. But he was suspended for writing the said essay or journal.

Joseph Corlett is 57 year-old. He was a former student of Oakland University where he was suspended. According to him, he got attracted to his teachers or professors that’s why it made him to decide writing “Hot for Teacher”.

He is now suing the Oakland University for suspending him for about three semesters in 2012. He filed a $2 million lawsuit against school.

Now, Joseph Corlett “Hot for Teacher” story has attracted a lot of internet users and it is gaining so much attention now on the web. It’s been the hot topic since yesterday on various websites and search engines.
People are searching for the full transcript or content of his “Hot for Teacher “.

Here are some of the lines or passages on Joseph Corlett “Hot for Teacher” essay:
“My first battle with the hot for teacher thing, aside from second grade, was fought in Composition I at Oakland Community College. She was blonde and attractive in the Meg Ryan kind of way which I usually don’t go for… I shouldn’t have taken her for Comp 2 but I couldn’t resist smart and pretty… Her skirt came unzipped in Comp 2 one day and her polka-dotted panties were exposed. I was a perfect gentleman and discretely told her to pull her sweater over. She smiled and thanked me. It is our delicious little secret,” the essay read.

Corlett then wrote about another instructor, comparing her to Ginger, an attractive woman on the 1960s TV show “Gilligan’s Island.”

“Holy s*** I should drop right now, there is no way I’ll concentrate in class especially with that sexy little mole on her upper lip beckoning with every accented word. And that smile,” Corlett’s essay read.

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Hot For Teacher by Joseph Corlett is now the most controversial essay.

A photo of  Joseph Corlett