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Friday, March 8, 2013

Arno “Fuchs” Morales and Ex Girlfriend Video Scandal on Search

Arno “Fuchs” Morales and Ex Girlfriend Video Scandal

A Filipino young actor named Arno Fuchs, popularly known as Arno Morales who is working in ABS-CBN TV Network has been arrested for allegedly applauding sexx video and explicit photos of his girlfriend whose name was not revealed on the news.  Arno Fuchs is now under the custody of the police. But the sad thing here is that videos and scandalous pictures of Arno Fuchs and his ex girlfriend are now been spreading online. A lot of people are now searching for it and possibly looking for torrent or finding way how to download sex video scandal.

Here’s a photo of Arno Morales, whose real name is  Arno Fuchs.
Arno “Fuchs” Morales and Ex Girlfriend Video Scandal:

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