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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aleksandra Duliba, Kenyan Erick Mose La Marathon 2013 Winners (Biography, Photo)

Aleksandra Duliba, Kenyan Erick Mose  La Marathon 2013 Winners (Biography, Photo)

28th Asics Los Angeles or La Marathon 2013 winner in Women is Aleksandra Duliba. While in Men’s race is Kenyan Erick Mose.

Who is Aleksandra Duliba? She is a 27 year old and a first time marathon runner from Belarus. She won the race with unofficial time of 2:26:08 and $50,000 gender challenge in La Marathon 2013.

Kenyan Erick Mose wins the men race division with unofficial time of 2:09:43.. He is from Kenya.

Women Division winners list:

Aleksandra Duliba (winner)
Zemzem Ahmed (second)
Deena Kastor (third)

Men Division winners list:

 Erick Mose (winner)
Julius Keter (second)
Nicholas Chelimo (third)

winning  photo of Aleksandra Duliba in La Marathon 2013

winning photo of  Kenyan Erick Mose in La Marathon 2013