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Friday, March 15, 2013

Amalia Damonte, Pope Francis Childhood Sweetheart (Biography, Photo)

Amalia Damonte, Pope Francis Childhood Sweetheart (Biography, Photo)

The love interest or first love of Pope Francis is now sharing the old days about her and Pope Francis. She is Amalia Damonte. Now she is getting so much attention on the internet. But who is Amalia Damontes? What the real score between her and Pope Francis during their teenage or childhood days.

Amalia Damonte is now 76 years old, she was the first love of Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is now Pope Francis. According to Amalia Damonte in an interview, she said, Mario Bergogio wrote her a letter expressing her love to her, the letter goes like this “'If I can't marry you, I'll become a priest'. Mario Bergogio wrote it when he 12 or 13, Amalia was also 12 during that time.

And it happened Jorge Mario Bergoglio has become a priest and now the leader of all the priest and cardinals, he is now our new Pope with new name as Francis.

"He was a proper guy." He was very nice," Amalia added on the interview.

Here’s a photo of Amalia Damonte.