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Saturday, March 30, 2013

ATTORNEY MIKE MCLELLAND, Wife Cynthia McLelland Found Dead (BIOGRAPHY, PHOTO) on Search

Attorney Mike McLelland, Wife Cynthia McLelland Found Dead (BIOGRAPHY, PHOTO) on Search

A couple in named Mike McLelland and his Wife Cynthia McLelland were fatally shot or killed at their own home. This news spread rapidly not just in the North Texas County but also the brutal killing of the couple is now the hot topic online. The couple’s dead, lifeless body were found on Saturday, March 30, 2013. And now the police are investigating the shocking incident.

Mike Mclelland was Working As A Kaufman County District Attorney.

There’s no full details on what is the possible reason why the couple was killed but the Kaufman Police are now doing everything to find justice for the gruesome killing of the couple.

The police are trying to find details if the killing of the couple has something to do with death of assistant Kaufman County district attorney, Mark Hasse. They are considering that scenario as part of their investigation.

The search for the couple's biography and photos are now on demand. It is now trending.