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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Jade Lomas Anderson Killed by Dogs (BIOGRAPHY, PHOTO) on Demand

Jade Lomas Anderson is a 14 year old teenager was found dead in a house in Machester. And according to Police investigation, she was attacked by aggressive and out of control dogs resulting to her sudden death.  Jade Lomas Anderson lifeless body was found in the house of her friend Kimberley Concannon at Atherton area, she went there to visit her friend but unfortunately nobody was in the house, except for the aggressive five dogs. 

According to Mark Kenny, of Greater Manchester Police, he said that Jade Lomas Anderson suffered injuries "consistent with her having been attacked by dogs".

The responding armed police officers killed four dogs, while a fifth was securely contained.

Now the family of Jade Lomas Anderson is mourning to her sudden death, a very shocking horrible incident that could have been avoided but we can’t anything now. I know she is still very young, let’s all pray for her soul.

A photo of Jade Lomas Anderson