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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Julie Miller BIO, Photo: Sues Equifax wins $18.6

Julie Miller BIO, Photo: Sues Equifax wins $18.6

The woman by the name of Julie Miller is now the center of attraction online after winning the lawsuit that she filed against a prominent financial company Equifax. See few details of Julie Miller biography below.

Julie Miller is from Marion County, Oregon. She is the woman who won the lawsuit against Equifax. According, to the news that Julie Miller victory over the case was one of the largest ever financial victories for consumer complaints against credit companies. Now it was a great lesson Equifax and for that for sure they will now be cautious about their customers as well as for those other companies who didn’t do well for their customer especially in financial matters, they must be warned.

It was 2011when Julie Miller brought the issue in the court and from then on she pursue the case and finally, on Friday the court favored to Julie Miller and that Equifax was ordered to pay a $18.6 million penalty.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any photo of Julie Miller online. So I think guys, just search for it.