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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Suspect JEREMY POWELL shot Detective ERIC SMITH at the interview room

Suspect JEREMY POWELL shot Detective ERIC SMITH at the interview room

This is I think one of the most shocking incident that occurs inside the Police Headquarters. According to reports, a suspect named Jeremy Powell was arrested and brought to the Jackson, Miss., police headquarters by the arresting officer Eric Smith. But suddenly an unexpected event occurred on the third floor of the headquarters wherein the suspect fatally shot Eric Smith, a gun fire was heard by other officers and when they responded they saw two lifeless bodies of Jeremy Powell and detective Eric Smith with gun shots.

Jeremy Powell who was 23 years old was the suspect for killing Christopher Alexander, 20 year old.
Eric Smith was 40 year old. He was a detective assigned to the Robbery-Homicide Division since 1995.
The incident was very sudden it would have been stopped if there are other police officers watching the interview or questioning process to the suspect.

But it happened already and I hope this will not happened again.

Jeremy Powell Biography
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