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Monday, April 15, 2013

NASCAR Fan “Kirk Franklin” Shot Himself Dead (BIO, PHOTOS)

NASCAR Fan “Kirk Franklin” Shot Himself Dead (BIO, PHOTOS)

NASCAR fan named Kirk Franklin committed suicide during Saturday night’s NRA 500 Sprint Cup Race at Texas Motor Speedway. But who is Kirk Franklin? Why he committed suicide?

Kirk Franklin was 42 year old, he shot himself during the race or while the race is ongoing. Hence, his suicide is now the hot topic online, the cause of debate in the NASCAR organizers.

Kirk Franklin died at 10:30 pm. The suicide incident is still under investigation. And for sure the NASCAR officials must do something to avoid fans to get into this kind of trouble. This is the very time, a gruesome incident such as the suicide of a fan within the NASCAR area.

Police added that Kirk Franklin suicide was triggered because of alcohol.

NRA 500 Sprint Cup Race Photo