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Monday, January 21, 2013

Twitter Reactions on Sasha Obama's Yawn Video.

Twitter Reactions on Sasha Obama's Yawn Video

Sasha Obama Yawn Video has sparks so many reactions in Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
Here are some of the reactions on Sasha Obama Yawning.

Peter S. Goodman @petersgoodman
Poor sasha will be hearing about that yawn for the rest of her life
22 Jan 13
Joel P Reynolds @joel_p_reynolds
Quite a yawn there from Sasha Obama. #inaug2013
22 Jan 13

Vera Herbert @veraherbert
Best part of the inauguration: Sasha's GIANT "Dad you're boring me" yawn.

Rachel Mc @MissMacToYou
Did Sasha just yawn? Love it! #kids
22 Jan 13

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