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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where to Buy or Get Tickets for Obama Inauguration 2013?

Where to Buy or Get Tickets for Obama Inauguration 2013? 

Are you asking or searching on the web on how to Buy or Get Tickets for the 2013 Inauguration Day of President Barack Obama? We’ll see below the details on the Guidelines Tickets for Obama Inauguration 2013. So watch and be part of another history for the United States of America. Be sure to witness the second Inauguration Day of President Obama and listen to his inaugural speech.

 The US Presidential Inauguration 2013 is scheduled on January 21, 2013, Sunday – Inauguration Day (as the 20th, the traditional date of the inaugural ceremony, falls on a Sunday).
Details, information on how to get tickets for Obama Inauguration Day 2013

The Tickets for the inaugural 2013 ceremonies are free and will be distributed in January by senators and representatives that were elected -- or reelected during the 2012 Election.

Congressional offices have been setting up processes to distribute tickets to their constituents.
2013 Presidential Inauguration Ticket Requests Guidelines from the office of U.S. Sen. Mark Udall

Things to Know Before Making Your Request:

  •  Demand for Inaugural tickets far exceeds the number available, therefore my office will be conducting a lottery in late December to distribute the tickets alloted to my office. There is a limit of one request per household address.
  • As a Senator for Colorado, my office is only able to distribute tickets to state residents. You must be a current Colorado resident to receive Inaugural tickets from my office.
  • Please do not make your travel plans contingent on receiving tickets. My office will do its best to notify you in a timely manner if you have received tickets in the lottery.
  • Tickets will most likely be for standing room only areas. Due to crowds, security procedures and the length of the ceremonies, ticket holders should expect to be standing outside in winter weather for several hours.
  • All children old enough to walk must have their own ticket. Strollers are not allowed in any ticketed areas. Event organizers discourage bringing young children to the Inaugural ceremonies due to weather conditions, the length of time you will spend standing and limited access to restroom and dining facilities.
  • There are many ways to participate in the Inaugural festivities that do not a require ticket. While a ticket may place you physically closer to the swearing-in itself, the majority of people will view the Inaugural ceremonies from the National Mall where tickets are not required.Click Here To Request for Presidential Inauguration Tickets